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Full Community Features

Follow the activity streams of others and build your personal network. Share your favorite things with your friends and get likes and comments. Find new friends and talk with them in private messages.
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Access to the Whole World

Create, personalize your own profile so the Whole World can meet you. Meet new people in the Global Chat and the Global Communities. Make more friends, get more likes and more comments.
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Talk with Anyone in the World

Talk with your friends, meet new people from the World. Get to know the people who live in various countries or just keep in touch with your best friends. Reach the Whole World in one place.
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Join to Popular People

Follow popular people of community. Make more friends, get more likes and comments without restrictions and become popular.
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Features available

Community streams ( friends, countries )
Sharing photos, links, websites
Like, Comment, Share
Personal profile pages
Cover and profile images
Manage Friends
Private messages
Global chat
Notifications ( friends, messages, likes, etc. )
Night mode
Ads ( for free also )
Ranking ( friends, likes, etc.)
Find new friends
App Store ( free apps )

Features coming soon

Private chat
Fan pages
Blog pages
Group pages
Photo manager
Realtime games
More apps
Embedded videos and musics
And much more