globallshare has been closed

Dear GAS community,

The GlobAllShare initiative started out in 2013 with the aim of that its registered members and their invitees to benefit from proceeds of the community.

Between 2013 and 2015, many invitations occured and lots of users arrived, thus GAS stock options were introduced which were distributed based on the successful invitations and which would have provided a share from the future profit.

From the beginning, profit of GAS has been based on the advertising revenue, of which specified percentage would have been shared between users based on the number of stock options.

Unfortunately, we found it in spite of the constant invitations and registrations, the number of ads didn't increase.

On the site of GAS, we found it in many cases, a part of the users misused of invitations and multiple registered accounts, which is not enriched but actually destroyed the GAS system since fewer and fewer real user came to our site, so fewer and fewer paid advertising has been dispatched.

The advertising revenue can not provide maintenance of GAS system, so for this reason we decided with regret to close the GAS community.

Of course, all users will receive their dividends that collected so far, where the amount is reached the payment threshold, and we will provide using of the Premium Services for all users, throughout its time.

Those users who have reached the payment threshold will be informed on their contacts.

Best regards,
The GlobAllShare Team

Sept 30, 2016.